Local Fashion Designers/Companies:
--Initial Pattern-making (by hand...I do not have patternmaking software.)
--Size samples and fittings

--Basic sewing information sheets
--Small batch cut and sew services

I can provide basic professional services from the very beginning of developing the pattern, all the way to small batch production.  Pricing will be based on a $45/hour rate, but is dependent on the needs of the designer or company, and will be discussed upfront.  I work with a handful of local companies each year, and the situation is different for all of them, depending on their needs, where they are in the process, their budget, and any other information.  Please reach out and plan a consultation to see if we are a good fit.  

Type of work I do:  Although I have experience with all types of garments, and even costumes, I am most comfortable with wovens and only like to do clothing, or related accessories.  I do not have interest in doing outdoors products like tents, upholstery items, or curtains.  I have limited equipment and will be happy to discuss what is possible on a one-on-on basis.  

I can provide references from several clients whom i have worked with in the pet genre, kids' wear, and women's wear.  I fill the hole in the market between the home sewist who can only do a tiny number of items per week, and who may be somewhat unreliable...and the factory which has really high minimums and cannot make changes easily or help figure out product issues.  

Film and Television Skills:
--On-set tailor (in Asheville, NC)

I can work as a contractor by bidding on work as Sugarcane Studios, or on an hourly rate under either NY 764 or NC491 unions.  I have worked in the Costume/Entertainment Industry since 2001, and can give references, as well as my resume for specific work experience.   I am only available for films in or near Asheville, NC...and can travel for a limited time to other locations.  

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