sugarcane studios

Professional Sewing Studio in Asheville, nc

Our team at Sugarcane Studios specializes in bridal alterations, but takes on all types of sewing, as long as it is clothing.  We love to do menswear!  We also do general alterations, and we help a few local businesses with their patterns, samples and small-batch production.  We truly believe that well-made and well-fit clothing can transform how you feel about yourself, how you present yourself to the world, and therefore it can truly have an impact on your life.  Come let us show you how it feels to have quality alterations or custom clothing. 

About our work

Hi!  I am Tara Hawks Nyanga.  An Asheville native, I studied costume design/technology in college, went on to work as a costume tailor in New York City for 10 years, taught sewing classes in Uganda, then moved back to NC to raise a family and start my own custom sewing business. 

My professional career started with creating costumes for Broadway shows at Barbara Matera's, continued to men's tailoring at The Metropolitan Opera, transitioned to high-fashion on the hit TV show Gossip Girl, and continued with multiple movies including the Emmy-award-winning HBO series, John Adams and the complete opposite...Magic Mike XXL.  I have experience in all types of clothes, all personalities, and all body types. My costuming career has trained me to think outside the box.  The more creative, the better.  There is no doubt that we, at Sugarcane Studios, can handle your project!