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Vintage Wedding Dress re-makes...

This is my favorite work to new life and a new personality to vintage wedding gowns.  To take a sentimental, but often sad or damaged, wedding dress and re-vive it is one of the most satisfying types of work.  I love seeing some of the yellow come out when we soak old pieces.  I love modernizing the dresses by removing dated sleeves or chokingly-high necklines.  Taking off the huge bows from the 80s, or scaling down the volume of a skirt can turn a dress from a mother or aunt's dress into the bride's very own.  What a moment to witness...when the bride finally sees herself and her personality come through.  

Pricing:  Depending on the work done, a vintage dress could range similar to an average bridal dress at $300-500.  Or it could go as high as a fully custom dress somewhere more like $1500-2000.  But, most vintage dresses I have done are right in between these two groups and average around $400-800.