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sugarcane studios

Custom Clothing and Dressmaking...

Do you have an idea for a wedding dress that you can't find anywhere?

Did you buy a piece of fabric on a trip and want something made from it?

Do you have a favorite top that they don't sell anymore?

Do you just want to love your wardrobe again and wear higher quality items?

...then custom clothing or a custom wedding dress might be right for you!

Sugarcane Studios believes that clothes should not only be functional, shielding us from the weather, but they should also feel good to wear, be made of high-quality materials, and be timeless enough to wear for many years.  Wearing clothes that fit all these parameters is getting to be more and more rare in this age of fast-fashion and cheap clothing.  Sugarcane Studios wants to change garment at a time.  

Let us help you improve your wardrobe and dress the way you truly want to.  We will work with you in a classic, timeless way...made to fit your body, one piece at a time, by-hand, and with care and attention to the "right' way to do things.